We conduct free-of-cost regular preventive workshops and customised health camps for women and their families in slums.

Targeted health camps are organised to address the needs of pregnant women and new mothers. Periodically, we organise preventive health workshops, with gynaecologists for reproductive, maternal and child health care, as well as with nutritionists to provide practical tips for ensuring nutritious meals on a low-budget.

LEARN conduct’s research studies on occupational safety and health status of women informal workers, and health needs assessment of women workers engaged in different occupations in the informal economy. We have also started to gather stories of families surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, documenting their health and survival struggles in this period.

Before the lockdown was imposed in 2020, we responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by conducting a ‘Wash Your Hands’ campaign to educate people on prevention techniques and to answer their questions about the virus. We want our communities to continue to fight the disease, contribute to the nation’s effort in fighting the pandemic, and at the same time dispel the prejudice about slum-dwellers being unclean, uninformed and indifferent.

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